Highlighted Project


"There is a tower in the desert called Rotunda. It's a hive of villainy and brimming with monsters. Heroes and adventurers alike travel to this tower to take on the challenges and monsters inside will the goal of achieving power and riches. The Goddess Charita gifts gold to those who slay monsters and thus Rotunda has attained an influx of people trying to take it on".

Rotunda is an ongoing Dungeon Crawler J-RPG that I've been hired on as the lead artist since late 2022. It's a classic J-RPG with some twists where it combines the mechanic of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon with a deep and complex story.

Some of the assets that I've drawn:

  • RPG-view Tileset with 16 by 16 pixel grid size

  • Character, including NPCs sprite sheets.

  • Enemies concept art, animation and sprite sheets.

  • Visual Effects such as lightning, slashing and Fireball

  • Game Menus, including UIs and HUDs.


Destino is an ongoing game project that I've been hired to Since 2022. The game is about a life simulation/ adventure RPG that is setup in New York. The game features numerous characters, each with their own personalities to the main character.

This is the list of work that I've done so far in this game:

  • Game sprites where it features 8 directional-views, each with it's complex animation such as walking, running, sitting and many others.

  • Universal Character Build. I have to create the game sprite dynamically where I created each section separately. For example, hair, body, cloth, pants and shoes are completely different assets.

  • Character Dialogue Portraits where I have to translate from the character bible and concept arts to my own art direction.

  • Object tiles such as table, chairs, animated trees and many others.


Zoozagons is a game prototype that I've made with 8 other amazing individuals for Game Jam Plus Indonesia 2023 that runs from the 27th to the 29th of October 2023.

The game is about a casual/relaxing zoo builder & puzzle game that has the objective for the player to place as much hexagonal tiles to earn animals and place it into the zoo.

Apart from drawing the assets, my main role in this event is to be the Art Director and to manage the Artist team work based on their skills. I've created pixel-art guideline for the artists, created mockups for the starting point, and created the all the User Interfaces.

Check the game out here

Pixelween 2022

6th place in Pixelween 2022!

Pixelween is a yearly competition for Halloween celebration arranged by Pixeljoint.com that run over the course of September to October 2022.

The contest was I have to craft 4 mockups of my own horror video game over the course of 4 consecutive weekly challenge. Each mockup would be a scene of my video game. The challenge also introduced restricted colour palette and canvas size (160 x 90 px).

My concept is called The Scarlet Butterfly, a mystery visual novel/ detective game about the murder case that's intertwined with the protagonist childhood life.

The pixelween 2022 project gallery can be seen here.

Spirit of Seder

Spirit of Seder is a visual novel game that I've made alongside with my colleagues for the NaNoRenO game jam on March 2022. NaNoRenO is an annual month-long game jam in which developers are challenged to make a visual novel from start to finish.

I was tasked to draw the in-game character sprites where I have to make sure that they have matching expression/ feeling from the writers' description.

Check the game out here

Grave Days Mockup

Lord Zombon says “I’m not a zombie, and if you don’t stop calling me that I’ll eat your brains.” A fight ensues between the player and Lord Zombon

I've made a mockup/ trial for a project called Grave Days, a top-down zombie survival Roguelite game in May 2022. The mockup was finished in only 19 working hours.

The assets that I've drawn:

  • Background Tileset with 16 by 16 pixel grid size

  • Main character and boss animations.

  • Background objects animation.

  • UIs and HUDs

Miscellaneous Works

Furthermore, I've done tons of smaller projects and Game Jams from 2021 until now.

On 2021 I've became a level 2 sellers on Fiverr.com where I've created various characters and tileset sprite sheet.

Some of the genre of games that I've made are ranging from RPG, Side-Scrolling Action Adventure, Dating Simulator and Tower Defense.

Check my other works here: